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Thursday, April 12, 2012

One step ahead-A Flipped Classroom

A Flipped Classroom - What is it?

A Flipped classroom is an environment where the intake learning happens outside the classroom and the response happens within. In a traditional classroom setting, students sit in neat little rows while the teacher delivers information in a lecture format.

This is followed up by the student going home to perform what they learned via homework assignments.

Using a flipped approach, the instructional content is received outside the classroom, via external instructional delivery, often with the help of technology. Since this is something the student and/or parents can do for themselves, students return to class for the response portion; the part where students work assignments with the help of their teachers and peers.

There are several ways to structure flipped content learning. For example, the teacher can record a video or audio podcast for the student to listen to at home. They could assign the reading of the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln himself. Complex math concepts can be delivered by mathematics experts.

Because technology is becoming so ubiquitous, students can download and review powerpoint slideshows, audio materials, and other web based teaching media at home, in the library, or at the local wi-fi coffee shop. When students have access to these materials offline, they can digest the material at their own pace, reviewing as needed.

The flip side of this (if you will excuse the pun) is that homework activites, like math problems and history questions, are worked in the classroom with the help of teachers. This is expecially helpful for teachers with ever increasing classroom sizes, where they can monitor the progress of students actually doing the homework and give more help to those who are struggling. Instead of having a "Sage on the stage" the students now have a "Guide on the side."

Another benefit to a flipped classroom is that parents can help more on the content engagement side. As a parent, it is sometimes challenging to find that they can’t really help with homework if they don’t have access to the teacher and lecture notes. With this model, they can help students review the material content and help offer explanations for concepts that their student may not yet be familiar with. And because the content is always available, they can go back and review portions that the student may need as a foundation. Also, because the homework portion is completed in class, there can be reduced anxiety about completing problem sets at home.

An example of how this would work in a reading class is to have the students complete the reading at home, then start class with a warm up excersize followed by reading comprehension questions.

Podcasts don’t necessarily have to be delivered by the teacher. There are plenty of great educational podcasts that a teacher could leverage for their students to review on nearly any educational topic, including current events. Then, the students could come to class and discuss what they have heard or watched.

Another idea is to have High School students make video recordings for segments of content that they have learned through the school year. This content can then be made available to future classes that will need to learn the same content. This can be a fun and engaging way for students to "give back" by helping the generations that follow them.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


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