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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Plus One English QUESTION PAPER MARCH 2015 Comments


-rather easy to MANAGE a passmark,but very difficult to score the maximum.
-not a good a question paper,did not cover the objectives.
- meaningless and unnecessary  questions
-undue scope for guessing while testing grammar.
- hints were not supplied where it was necessary.


-did not cover MANY  important areas like Disaster management , Gandhi as a Leader,,
-three questions 4,12,21 on tourism (Did this question  have a blueprint ?)
-the 6 th question ,topic not specific,not  easy for the students  to respond
-Q16 the question not up to the objective,the same tense form selected as answer for all the questions-those who added just -ed  can score at least 3 marks.
Q22 -A meaningless and unnecessary  question ( who cares for the beauty of Nicholai;s farm - it is not a WORTHY discussion point in the story)and a difficult area for students.



1."She" is the mother of the seagull.
2.His mother was tempting him with the food but she did not come close.He was maddened by hunger .Thus he was compelled to fly towards the food.

3. Role of Parents in the Growth of the Children.

Parents can play a very important role in the growth of the children.they  provide care and support as and when it is required.The story of the seagull is an example.The litte sea gull was not confident.Moreover it was afraid of flying.Then the mother comes with food but sits at a distance.She does not give him food.She was tempting him with the food but she did not come close.He was maddened by hunger .In other words he was compelled to fly towards the food.Thus the bird learns to fly.This is the role of a parent.Give a man a fish .He eats but learns nothing.Teach him how to catch fish.He learns how to live.Instead of showing too much affection ,the modern parents must provide challenging situations to the children .Then only they grow up to face life.

4.Bekal Fort, Kasargod
Bekal Fort' is the largest fort in Kerala, situated at Kasaragod district, North Kerala. Some important features of this fort are the water-tank with its flight
of steps, the tunnel opening towards the south, the magazine for keeping ammunition and the broad steps leading to the Observation Tower, which is a rarity. The Mukhyaprana Temple of Hanuman and the ancient Muslim mosque nearby fort. The zigzag entrance and the trenches around the fort
show the defense strategy inherent in the fort. Sivappa Nayaka of Bednore constructed the Bekal Fort in 1650AD. The maritime importance of Bekal increased much under the Kolathiris and it became an important port town of
Tulunadu and Malabar. The song 'Uyire' (Tamil) from the movie 'Bombay'directed by Mani Ratnam has been shot at Bekal Fort.The nearest railway

station  is Kanjangad  ,12 km from here tothe south and Kasargod ,14 km to the north.One can reach here easily by buses or taxi.

5.( a ) in accordance with ( b ) similiarly ( c ) therefore (d ) moreover

6.Social networks intrude into our privacy.

1.They sift through our personal data.
2.They will make use of our personal data for commercial gains
3.Government might use them to control people
4.They might use or sell the data to other websites who can harass us or bargain for exemptions.

9.The main purpose of yoga is to create strength awareness and harmony in  both body and mind.
10. Flexibilty and muscle strength are two important benefits of yoga.(There are many options here.)

11.                                                A Precis.
                               Yoga-for a Harmony of Body and Mind
  Yoga is a globally  accepted health practice from India which involves breathing exercises and physical postures.The main purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in  both body and mind.Flexibilty ,muscle strength, improved respration ,energy vigour and mental well being are the important benefits of yoga.Though there are different schools of yoga,all of them focus on getting the body in tune with the mind.

12.A speech -

Dear friends,
A hearty Welcome to Namuana.
From the tourist department of Fiji ,we are immensely pleased to  havue you all--tourists from different pats of Europe- here in Fiji.Namuana is going to enchant you with beautiful sights and un forgettable experiences.There are  about a hundred of islands here. We are in the southwest  of Pacific Ocean about 2000 miles away from Sydney ,Australia.This is a multicultural island Nation.we have interesting cultural traditions ,unique in the world.I am sure ,all of you  will be dying to see the  the sacred turtles of kandavu. You have reached here at the right will soon  see the magic of a are going to feel the innocenece and nobilty of the rural life here.Your souls will be refreshed  with  hope for a bright future for mother earth.the sacred turtles of namuana will be whispering to you in your ears the  eternal message of living in harmony with nature.

And dear brothers and sisters from Europe,we respect your culture.and we hope that you will respect ours.  We respect your warm regards for this tradition.One thing I have to tell you.Please respect this culture when you go to the villages here.There are certain do’s and don’ts.Certain rules and regulations.Your guides will be telling you in detail.We must live on.This mother  Earth must not die forever.

So friends, live and let live is the message.Please make sure that you don ’t do  anything that will hinder the harmony of life here.we have made  detailed arrangements for your stay ,lunch, dine ,fun and frolic.Wish you all a great vacation. Thank you all.

13.The expression  “cold tomb ’  means  death./graveyard

14.The above lines are taken from the poem “Death the Leveller ’ by .It speaks about the inevitabilty of death.The poor and the rich,the king and the common man are equally treated by Death.No doubt ,their head will come to the tomb one day .Everything will  die out.But the good actions of the people will linger around even after death.Do good things in life.That will make you remembered  by people even after your death.Nice things you do are the steps to eternity.These lines sum up the critical tone of the poem.

15.(1) with pleasure.This is  moseus  Mallet ; a Lieutanant Colonel,AND these are Mathew,John and Patrich , all my assistants who made this venture possible..
(2) We have made all the arrangements required .The balloon will be filled with gas soon .we will take off at 5.30 A.M.We request the people not to come too close towards the balloon.
(3) It is not.It needs a lot of preparation, planning and a clear strategy. It is going to be a teamwork. and I have got a nice team of assistants and passengers. We will do it today. Flying in a hot air balloon ,for the first time in the world.

16.( a ) celebrated ( b ) welcomed ( c ) was presided (d ) inaugurated

17.. Hasan-a  Real  Human  Being

Hasan ,the Serang of Ranaganji is a gem of a human being.Though he is not so good to look at,he has got a beautiful soul.He is an experience sailor who knows the importance of teamwork and unity.He takes the responsiblity of looking after the patients on the ship.He builds the shelter alone,provides them food and spends sleepless nights serving them and even praying for them.He is not afraid of anything ,even death.No one is waiting for him on the shore . He does not have  great desires left in life.Making money is not his aim in life."After all what is money for ,Sir." is the reply the doctor received when he suggested better pay for Hasan in return of his great service. He becomes a pillar of support and solace to the inexperienced doctor who also toils to help the people in the ship.Together they manage the disaster effectively,reducing the number of deaths and containing the disease.Only a few - the captain,the doctor and the serang- knew about the  epidemic while all the other passengers are left to enjoy the fun and frolic of the voyage.Being unaware of the dedicated service of the Serang, an elite passenger  makes a remark at Hasan, hinting that he looked like an animal.The doctor let them know that it was because of  this real human being that they are alive on the ship.

18. Mr Guptha told a lie about Frank to Mrs Clifford..That he could see frank alive and safe.I think it was the right thing to do.Telling that lie ,Guptha was saving the life of the old woman.It was an innocent and intelligent move from the part of Guptha.It is true that honesty is the best policy in life.But it is also true that life is too complex to be honest.

19.     A P J KALAM    ....-An ignited mind

                    Born on 15th October 1931 at Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam, specialized in Aeronautical Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. Dr. Kalam made significant contribution as Project Director to develop India's first indigenous Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) which successfully injected the Rohini satellite in the near earth orbit in July 1980 and made India an exclusive member of Space Club. He was responsible for the evolution of ISRO's launch vehicle programme, particularly the PSLV configuration. After working for two decades in ISRO and mastering launch vehicle technologies, Dr. Kalam took up the responsibility of developing Indigenous Guided Missiles at Defence Research and Development Organisation as the Chief Executive of Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP). He was responsible for the development and operationalisation of AGNI and PRITHVI Missiles and for building indigenous capability in critical technologies through networking of multiple institutions. He was the Scientific Adviser to Defence Minister and Secretary, Department of Defence Research & Development from July 1992 to December 1999. During this period he led to the weaponisation of strategic missile systems and the Pokhran-II nuclear tests in collaboration with Department of Atomic Energy, which made India a nuclear weapon State. He also gave thrust to self-reliance in defence systems by progressing multiple development tasks and mission projects such as Light Combat Aircraft.

As Chairman of Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) and as an eminent scientist, he led the country with the help of 500 experts to arrive at Technology Vision 2020 giving a road map for transforming India from the present developing status to a developed nation. Dr. Kalam has served as the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, in the rank of Cabinet Minister, from November 1999 to November 2001 and was responsible for evolving policies, strategies and missions for many development applications. Dr. Kalam was also the Chairman, Ex-officio, of the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Cabinet (SAC-C) and piloted India Millennium Mission 2020.

Dr. Kalam took up academic pursuit as Professor, Technology & Societal Transformation at Anna University, Chennai from November 2001 and was involved in teaching and research tasks. Above all he took up a mission to ignite the young minds for national development by meeting high school students across the country.

20.  A conversation

Wordsworth - Goodmorning, Doc.I am Wordsworth.I was sleepless last night.
Doctor- Goodmorning.Mr.Wordsworth.Were you late to sleep last night ?

Wordsworth- I go to sleep at 12 SHARP.but I feel peace.
In fact I haven't slept for three days.
Doctor- Don't worry.Do you have any breathing problems ?
Wordsworth-No,Sir.I try to sleep.But I can't.
Doctor-Do you sleep at daytime ?
Wordsworth-No,Sir.I lie awake day and night.sleep does not bless me.
Doctor-Any other health problems ?
Wordsworth-No,Sir.I think I am in the pink.
Doctor.-- Do one thing.Meet me at my clinic this afternoon.I have to check up you.But Mr.Wordsworth,you need not be upset. I haven't slept  for a week now.
Wordworth : That's news ,Sir.I will come to you in the afternoon.

21. Wayanad- God's Own Place.

Wayanad is a good silent tourist destination, as they say about Kerala -"Gods own country", looks to be true in Wayanad also. Wayanad is the combination of Hill Station, Forests, Tracks, Water Falls, Lake, Caves, tea states etc. The drive to Wayanad and within Wayanad is a pleasure.

As it is district the places are located at a distance from each other. As north Kerala is famous for its Hospitality so is Wayanad, local crowd is also very hospitable and tries to help u in every possible way.

We have visited places like meenmutty waterfalls, sunrise valley, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Edakkal Caves.

  Wayanad is one of the beautiful places I have visited in Kerala, India. The place is known for natural beauty. We had a visit to Wayanad last week, which turned to be one of the most memorable trips I have made. Visit to Edakkal caves was truly adventurous one and I would recommend it for anyone whois interested in adventure. Evening spent at Kuruva islands was awesome. We were able to enjoy the natural beauty, wild life, flora and fauna and the cool breeze of hill resort.
 We also visited Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary and Muthanga wildlife sanctuary which are well known wild life sanctuaries of Wayanad. We could see lot of elephants, peacocks, beers, monkeys, various types of birds and butterflies and many more. It was really a wonderful experience for us. We were able to get tribal food also which was very delicious. We also visited Pookod lake, which is one of the must-see places where we enjoyed the pleasure of boating. Wayanad is one the most beautiful places where nature has blessed a lot.

22.    The Beauty of Nicholay's Estate

The fresh smell of gooseberry orchards can be felt here in this time of early morning.You can see the leisurely movements of the sheep out there in the farm.The melodious songs of the birds chirping is heard.There is a vast lake in the middle.The sound of the lake water lashing at the shore adds to the music.The bees are murmuring.The breeze is warm.The clouds hang low over the seems like it is going to rain.The sun is rising on the hilltop.It is a beautiful sight.

23. Life -A Double Edged Knife
The poet says that this world is a double edged knife and we have only one life .He calls us to enjoy it, live it well  in good company and do dwell .He exhorts us to do good deeds .and to sow in our character's seeds ,cultivate mind with manure of thought 
       The poet seems to focus on the direct influence of good thoughts and experiences on our character and actions.It also underlines the importance of identifying our needs ,planning  and decision making for a successful in life.It highlights the uniqueness of life and implores us to enjoy life but at the same time it warns us to be careful about the traps of life for it is a double edged knife.

     The imagery from farming is presented with the help of words like seeds,weeds and manure .The tone is pleasant but overbearing. It is  free verse with  poetic techniques likes rhyme and rhythm. The sharp metaphor used in the beginning,"The world is a double edged life' is striking.The advice is to try to have good qualities and not to think about quantities.The language is simple and flowing .Still whether this  raises itself to poetry is arguable.Perhaps this  is flowery speech intended to warm a lazy mind up.
     The meaning of the poem can be extended to that of the poem "Death the Leveller "since both of the poems centers on good actions.Only the good actions remain .Everything else dies. It is our duty to live our life spreading the fragrance of nice deeds.This calls for a careful approach from every one of us.
................... to be modified
These answers are for the purpose of discussions and are subject to modifications and corrections



Grammar test 1-answers

1.If you work hard, you will pass/ succeed. referText page-33-35
2.If you worked hard, you would pass / succeed. Text page-33-35
3.If you had worked hard,you would have passed / succeeded. Text page-33-35
4.Television turns people into lazy potatoes. However, there are some educational
 programmes on. page 27-28 and 36 of the text
5.My brother works in a large office, while I work on my own at   home. page 27-28 and 36 of the text
6.This year  has seen a  dramatic  improvement  in Arun’s English . Refer and practise  -page 27-28 and 36 of the text
7.One of the students is absent today. Practise with text page 48,49
 8.Neither Lal nor his relatives have arrived . Practise with text page 48,49
9. Thomas is an author. He writes mystery novels and travel memoirs. He has been writing since he was twenty-eight. Altogether, he has written  seven novels, three collections of short stories and a book of poetry.
REFER TO  Text Page89,earlier texts in high school.USE OF TENSES
10.Little did he know about the nature of he job he was undertaking. Text Page 121
11.The sick men  have been  taken to hospital. Text Page..122
12.Who did Ivan see ? Text Page 142,143
13.I asked Ivan how he was getting on . Text PAGE 143
14. They are very good . Text PAGE 144
15.What an interesting story  ! Text PAGE 144
16. I would rather he visited Bangalore. Text Page 154

17.I wish I were travelling by first class. Text Page 155

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plus one Minimum level questions

plus one Minimum level questions
1.Reviewing a poem
2.Writing a precis
3.Writing an email
4.Preparing a report of graph study
5.Write arguments on different topics
Internet is bad/mobile phones are  useful/…
6.Making questions
7.Character sketch
8.Do you agree …questions

9.Preparing a profile

Plus one -Minimum level Grammar Test for Discussion

Plus one -Minimum level Grammar Test for Discussion
1.If you work hard, you……………………..(complete suitably )
2.If you worked hard, you……………….. (complete suitably )
3.If you had worked hard,………………………. (complete suitably )
4.Television turns people into lazy potatoes.-----------------------, there are some educational programmes on.( more over, firstly, on the other hand ,however)
5.My brother works in a large office---------------- I work on my own at   home.(then,actually,besides,while)
6.This year  has seen a ………………………….in Arun’s English.(crowning achievement / dramatic  improvement  / brought out the best / brilliant success )
7.One of the students…..absent today.( am / is / are / be)
 8.Neither Lal nor his relatives……………….arrived (are / have / has / is)
9. Thomas is an author. He (a)(write)  mystery novels and travel memoirs. He (b)(write) since he was twenty-eight. Altogether, he (c)(write)  seven novels, three collections of short stories and a book of poetry. 
10.Little he knew about the nature of he job he was undertaking.(correct the sentence )
11.They have taken the sick men to hospital( Begin with    The  sick men…)
12.Ivan saw a happy man.  (Make a question so as to get the underlined words as answer).
13.I asked ,”Ivan,How are you getting on ?”( Report the question).
14.How good they are ! ( Change this into an assertive sentence ).
15.That was a very interesting story. ( Make an exclamation out of this sentence)
16.Where does your friend  like to go on vacation ?(Answer this question using ,  I would rather he…..)
17.I wish I ..………(travel) by first class.(complete suitably )

Plus one poems-brief for minimum level

Plus one poems-brief for minimum level
If- Qualities of a perfect man are self confidence, patience,honesty ,humility and so on.
Death the leveler-Only  the good actions remain.Every one will die
Sunrise on the hills-Nature can heal our pains.
The wreck of the titanic-A man must hold onto values and principles
To sleep- Sleep refreshes us all .
A brief note about all poems
Qualities of a perfect man are self confidence, patience, honesty ,humility and so on.
Only  the good actions remain. Every one will die.
Nature can heal our pains.
A man must hold onto values and principles.
Sleep refreshes us all .
Reviewing a poem/writing an appreciation
+ Theme/plot/message/rhyme/rhythm/imagery/language


We remind the students to get practice in the following items before the final exam.-

pls write to us if you find this work useful

Grammar for plus one
1.cohesive devices like moreover,firstly,on the other hand,where as,at least,then,actually,however,besides,though.....
Refer and practise  -page 27-28 and 36 of the text
Crowning achievement,dramatic improvement,made a breakthrough,brilliant success,enjoy the fruits of hardwork,brought out the best,won the respect of,remarkable achievement
Text page 29
3.conditionals.. If….
Text page-33-35
4.subject- verb concord…..combinations of nouns as subjects
Either ..or.,as well as,one of,five pounds…
Practise with text page 48,49
4.use of verbs in the correct tense form
Text Page89,earlier texts in high school

5.adverbs of frequency…..hardly,sometimes,frequently usually,scarcely…..
Text Page 121
6.inversion with negative adverbs…Never did I dream…..
Text Page 121
7.Active voice to passive voice – They took him to hospital-à>>He was taken to hospital
Passive voice to active voice- He was taken to hospital---à They took him to hospital
Text Page..122
8.Framing questions so as to get the words underlined…wh questions..
Text Page 142,143
9.Reporting questions
Where is the proof ? He asked where the proof was.
Text PAGE 143
What a lovely song ! ------>It is a very lovely song.
Text PAGE 144
It is a very lovely song.-----à What a lovely song it is !
Text Page 144
12.use of would rather…
I would rather you took proper rest.
Text Page 154
13. I wish I could…/ I hadn’t wasted…

Text Page 155
More exercises
Complete the following report using the correct form of the verbs given in brackets.
(You need not rewrite the given sentences.)
A seminar on 'Increasing Road Accidents' (a) ………………… (hold) at JBN Hall
yesterday, at 2 pm. About 200 students (b) …………….. (turn out) to attend the seminar.
Kumari Suja, the School Leader, (c) ……………….. (be) the moderator. Three papers
(d) ………………. (present) in the seminar. (4x1)

Fill in the following passage choosing the right word given in the box.
unfortunately, therefore, but, so
Frank and Isobel Hawking, Stephen's parents, were not wealthy, (a) ……………. they
believed in the value of education. (b) …………… they planned for Stephen to go to
Westminster, a famous public school in the heart of London. (c) ……………. Stephen
was ill at the time of the scholarship examination for Westminster. (d) ……………..,
he attended the local Saint Alban's School. (4x1)

sunrise on the hills- notes;credits to hss live


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