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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Review of Pathemari-A MALAYALAM FILM

My rating- 3.5 / 5. Almost a documentary film; not an entertainer,lasts almost 120 minutes.You leave the theatre with a heavy heart.Life of Narayanettan played by Mammootty is revealing.His readiness to help others without expecting a reward reminded me of the character ,Hassan in the ship Ranaganji ,a story in plus one English reader. The story uses flashback technique to tell us more about the the trajic death of a man who spent more than 50 years in Gulf ,achieving not much.  As James Shirley says in "Death the leveller' ,the good deeds of the just smell sweet and blossom in the dust.It is also shocking to see the apathy of young generation.The mindset of the so called 'new gen' is deeply analysed in this film.

The young generation is represented by Satheesan and Ramesan,the sons of Narayanettan .Android phones,luxuries,profit oriented outlook and no  respect for elders.These young men lacked the presence of a mentor.I am reminded of some of my students who play the role of bad boys in the campus now.Some of them come from the families of gulf employees.Perhaps the love, care and presence of a loving father would have made a  difference.How can a teacher play a meaningful role in correcting these students ? This was one question I was pondering about while driving back home after having watched the film.  .Siddique plays a memorable character, Velayudhan who renders a philosophical ingredient to the story.What every one needs is the money of a gulf employee.Not him .No one cares about his mind and soul-even his wife.It is not simply about the life of a Pravasi.It is about living in exile even in our country.It is about the lack of understanding and empathy in our households.The character Moideen played by Sreenivasan somehow lacked life. .The sound recording rendered by Resool Pookkutty is excellent but the songs by Bijipal which are just commonplace take us back to the recently flopped malayalam film Loham which also opened with a traijc score KANAKA MAILANCHI...

There were about 10 people watching the film in the theatre today ,out of which two young men had lost their interest and were seen browsing their phones eagerly as they desperately tried to finish it off. Patience is one quality the new generation miss today.

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Patriciai Josef said...

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