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Thursday, December 3, 2015


1. E-mail :( EDITING ; ACTIVITY VIII / 1; PAGE 89, 12 READER)

Dear Sir,
      My name is Arjun. I am a Plus two student at a reputed school in Thrissur. I am in the Commerce stream, with Maths and Computer Science as my optional subjects. I have secured A grade in all subjects in the Plus one exam
and I expect to score the same or better in the Plus two exam.

       I am writing this mail because I can't decide on what course to choose for my higher education. I am good at computers and I like Statistics. I
also like English and read a lot. Could you tell me what kind of career suits me,
and which course I should choose for my graduation?

Please reply at the earliest as I am really anxious about my future.

Yours sincerely,

2. Conversation:( EDITING ; ACTIVITY VIII / 2 ; PAGE 89, 12 READER)

Arjun : Hello, Robin.
Robin : Hi, Arjun! What's up?
Arjun : Nothing much, buddy. I'm a bit confused these days.
Robin : Confused? Why? What's the matter?
Arjun : You know that I'm completing my Plus Two this year. So I'm confused about what to do next.
Robin : Oh! I understand. So, have you come to some conclusions?
Arjun : Not yet. I'm not much aware of the different courses and
careers suitable for me.
Robin : Oh, really? Then, why don't you seek advice from some
career counsellors? They could give you suggestions based on
aptitude tests.

Arjun : Yeah. I've already sent an email to a counsellor. Hope he
would reply soon.
Robin : That's good. Even I joined this course after some counselling
Arjun : Oh, is it so? Then I think I did the right thing. Ok Robin, bye
Robin : Bye Arjun. See you and let me know your decision.
Arjun : Ok, see you.


 2. Conversation:( EDITING ; ACTIVITY VI; PAGE 100, 12 READER)

Dear Sir,
I would like to apply for the post of Marketing Intern as advertised on I am a second year student studying M.Com at the University of Calicut. My specialization is in Marketing.
I always had a keen interest in marketing which influenced my decision to study marketing at the university and part-take in my extracurricular activities. I am an active member of the Marketing Society where I help arrange events, society meetings and talks from prospective employers. I was instrumental in establishing an effective marketing campaign for the launch of a new book store in the campus, using various methods such as social media. I therefore have a strong understanding of how
modern day marketing techniques can be used for busines opportunities and networking.

I have many skills which I am able to contribute to the job role. My excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) allow me to interact with members of an organization from all levels. I have
developed my public speaking and presentation skills through university
presentations to new and prospective students and to my department faculty.

I am organized, efficient and strive to complete any challenge given to me to the highest standard. Attached is a copy of my CV. I am able
to provide the names of referees who will support my claims.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Priya Sekhar


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