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Saturday, December 5, 2015


INTRODUCTION(15 minutes)
BB :-
THREE WHEELED REVOLUTION- Irfan changing the lives of ricksha pullers in India

DIDI-Shaheen changing the lives of  the children in the slums of India

What is the tool used for change ? education

What is education ? - drawing out the best in an individual

What are the best things in an individual to be drawn out ? What is good or bad ? How can we decide that something is good and something is bad ?

Is a rose plant bad as it has thorns ?
Is a thorn plant good  as it has roses ?

What we speak  depends on what we think.

Our opinions are formed on  our perspectives / view points /outlooks.
BB : Perspectives can be different.
eg- the story of an eagle and butterfly flying over a garden - the eagle always looks for the dead -the butterfly looks for the flowers

Our perspectives are defined by our attitudes.

What is your opinion about stammer- the difficulty we feel while  speaking ? Is it a difficulty at all ? is it a drawback ? Is it a handicap ?

Now there is a poem STAMMER in your text.what does the poem tell us ?

BB  /slide
(a)stammer is a handicap.
(b)stammer is a kind of language.It is not a handicap.
(c)we may have different perspectives on life.

(d)stammer is like poetry

(e)none of the above

The students are asked to select a few ideas from the list or present new ideas other than what is given.
development of the lesson(30 minutes)

individual presentation by some students
expected answers
b)stammer is a kind of language.It is not a handicap.
(c)we may have different perspectives on life.

(d)stammer is like poetry
discuss :
1.which lines tell you that "stammer is a kind of language.It is not a handicap." ?

The first two line are quoted by the students.

2.                                                                (c)we may have different perspectives on life.
..................................................( may not get a good answer .)
3.                                                (d)stammer is like poetry  ( may not get a good answer .)

Well ,let us go deep into the poem and try to understand the lines in our perspectives !

Before that could you tell me  what is the most striking / innovative  idea enlisted by you.
stammer is like poetry

How can stammer be like poetry ? what is poetry ? Why does the poet write ?Could you present  a few lines of poetry ( group work ) ?


(tree diagram with names of poets;rendering of a few lines of poetry....)

what is poetry ? why does the poet write ?

Poetry is self expression.(discuss the concept - self ? qns like who are you in fact ? may be used )

Poets write to express their ideas /feelings / emotions/....

Can they express the emotions / ideas effectively..
Can words describe everything we feel ?

Is there a possibilty of ambiguity ?

A few lines of poetry( perhaps from mother tongue ) is presented to bring out the ambiguity /the possiblity of different meanings.

"god has given us no tools to reveal ouresleves"(തന്നതില്ല പരനുള്ളു  കാട്ടുവാനൊന്നുമേ ഉപായാമീശ്വരൻ ) 
ഇന്നു ഭാഷയപൂർ ണം വന്നു പോം പിഴയും അർത്ഥ ശങ്കയാൽ 

if poetry is rather ambiguous,can it be compared to stammering ?

let us have a second reading of the poem

TEACHER READING-UNFAMILIAR WORDS EXPLAINED-concepts /figures of speech  brought in with the help of the comprehension questions in the text.-
The line "just as it is with us now" is analysed- 'it 'for stammer;'us' for the poet and the society-the details about the poet -and the  issues in the society at the time of writing(2002) must be analysed
slides / bb
The  important ideas-

1.Stammer is a kind of language.It is not a handicap.(Stammer is presented as something favourable -the use of irony is to be noted )

2.Stammer is the link-silence മൌനം ,- between word and meaning.This silence is not negative.It is meditative.( an attempt to glorify stammer and silence )comparisons-(1)stammer -lameness
(2) stammer- poetry

3.There is a touch of humour or irony in the comment that even the linguists stammer.Stammer is something that great people do !We don't know much about the history or origin of stammering.It is also not clear whether it is a dialect or language.

4. When we stammer we try sincerely and hardly to get close to the is a respectful act like a sacrifice to God.(the metaphoric use of sacrifice can be discussed -the meaning of the word God in different religions can also be discussed )

5. Stammer has become a social phenomenon in India where people do not speak clearly against burning social issues( globalisation-commercialisation-terrorism-intolerence ).There is ambiguity in the language people speak in.(mother tongue -the most favoured and accepted mode of speech-use of metaphor)

6.The reason for the ambiguity is that God stammered while creating man.( The ironic line of thought is evident now.).That is why the words of the  people are based on different perspectives as they now belong to different grous of caste ,creed and religion.Every thing man speaks now is as ambiguous as poetry is.Even poets have failed in engaging in creative dialogues.(The tone of hope and peace that the word poetry brings in can be discussed;comparison-
(2) stammer- poetry)
click here for a work sheet with the above ideas in jumbled order

group work after a topical discussion(15minutes)

1.Write the meaning of each stanza in simple English with the help of the work sheet (one each in a group)

2.Write answers to the first five questions  based on the above notes.

Home assignments-Day 1

3.Select a few favourite lines and explain why you like them.

4.The poem refers to the ambiguity in our responses to the burning social issues .Comment.

Home assignments-Day 2

5.Write an appreciation of the poem( REFER TO THE  REVIEWS AVAILABLE IN THE BLOG-

6.Prepare a brief profile of the poet

Home assignments-Day 3.



P.S : Dear teachers, how did you introduce / transact the poem ? Please write to me.
-Radhakrishnan C K, GHSS KAMBALLUR,9447739033;

more stories...................

Written by Dr. Sachin   
Tuesday, 18 December 2012 08:36
Sitting in a circle around the teacher, 10-year-old Hiten Vyas couldn't get the words out to ask questions. He struggled, but his speech was blocked. He went home confused, but soon he knew. He had a stammer. In fear and anxiety, he sealed his lips. Ashamed, he hid his stammer even from his family. He remembers how at fifteen, every morning he would list situations he would have to speak in and avoid them. He wouldn't pick up the phone, wouldn't attend parties. He believed no girl would accept him. He was labelled shy. When he had to speak, he resorted to long pauses, chose words he could speak without a struggle, or finished the sentence quickly. At the hint of stammering, he took a breath and forced the words out. But his anxiety stayed. Stammering wrecked his confidence, plunged him in low self-esteem.
Hiten Vyas, PhD, is now a Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner. And he definitely takes phone calls. His metamorphosis is a life lesson for all...

People who stuttered / STAMMERED  -click this link

Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Marilyn Monroe, Churchill, Hrithik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, Dilip Vengsarkar, Dilip Kumar, Kishore Kumar

EMS  was well known for his stammer. When asked if he always stammered, he would reply, "No, only when I speak."

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