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Sunday, January 17, 2016

A summary of CRIME AND PUNISHMENT-work sheet 1

A teenaged boy was making mistakes in maths .The tuition teacher thought that the boy was trying to make him a fool deliberately.

The parents had requested the teacher to help the boy score 50 out of 50 so that the boy would get a double promotion to the first form.They had also told the teacher to handle their ward only softly and make him a healthy citizen.

But the  teacher thought that he was in charge of a gorilla who deserved an anna worth of cane.Still he was aware that he would lose his job if he had not been patient with the boy.

 The teacher lost his patience when the boy went on repeating that sixteen into three is twenty four.The teacher slapped him on his face hardly ,felt appalled by his own action in the next moment ant begged the boy not to tell any one about the incident.

The 'mischievous' boy began  threatening the teacher that he would tell his parents about this cruel punishment and made the teacher dance to his tunes.

The teacher had to act like a station master for half an hour.Then he had to repair the toy train when it had refused to move and.when he failed in repairing , he was compelled to tell him various stories as and when commanded by the boy.

When the  teacher grows tired of telling stories ,he stops being short of breath.The boy runs towards his house blackmailing the teacher that he will tell his father  everything .The teacher follows the boy who runs playfully in circles .The teacher sinks down at the doorstep as the parents turn up at the very moment.

When the parents ask the teacher about his maths,the boy slinks behind them and appeals to the teacher by looks and gestures not to betray him.The teacher feels confident that the boy would not give him up .So he declares that his ward is doing well in Maths.He also explains his present predicament .That he was just playing with the boy, trying to cheer him up after a long period of hard work  !

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