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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Who is Pavel Koustantinich ?

When we discuss THE GOOSEBERRIES  by Anton Checkov  as we come across this part......( READER FOR 11 ENGLISH ,SCERT)

Ivan Ivanich walked excitedly up and down the room and repeated:
"If I were young."
He suddenly walked up to Aliokhin and shook him first by one hand and then by the other.
"Pavel Koustantinich," he said in a voice of entreaty, "don't be satisfied, don't let yourself be lulled to sleep! While you are young, strong, wealthy, do not cease to do good! Happiness does not exist, nor should it, and if there is any meaning or purpose in life, they are not in our peddling little happiness, but in something reasonable and grand. Do good!"
Ivan Ivanich said this with a piteous supplicating smile, as though he were asking a personal favour.

      there is a possiblity  of being confused  at the underlined name-
"Pavel Koustantinich,".
( There are people who think that it is a Russian word meaning some thing else !)
Since it is addressed to Aliokhin,( it is the only clue available ),we can be pretty sure that it is a part of the  name of the farmer,the full name being Pavel Koustantinich Aliokhin.

Most reviews available  agree with this conclusion.

Please comment.

- CKR 6/1/2016

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I do agree with you sir. At first I thought it was a Russian phrase. But from the situation I came to the conclusion that it is Aliokhin's full name.