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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


The Menace of Drugs (Dr. Hardin B Jones.) : main ideas-

A healthy life style is important. Addiction is dangerous. It can destroy the entire humanity.
Drug abuse has psychological and physical impacts. There are many drug related health hazards AND psychological and physical impacts.

psychological and physical impacts

1.feels physical discomfort & personality changes .2. feels depressed & fails to respond.

3.psychotic disorder & distrust of others .

4. feels people are looking at him strangely .

5.feels dead inside .

6.harmful side effects .

7. death from overdose.

8.decline of health & brain function.

9. mental mechanism responds abnormally .

10.A great deal of harm will be done before warning symptoms occur .

 drug related health hazards 

1. Damage to Brain (Most subtle but least understood) – upset chemical balance of brain’s communication

2.Damage to cell tissue-Reasons for drug related disorders

 3.Dirty needles and solution used for injecting :Effects:- liver disease, venereal disease, infection of kidney and brain

 4. sniffing of cocaine & other drugs ; Effects:- damage of the tissue of the nose, hair to fall out.

5.Smoking marijuana & tobacco; Effects:- lung disease, damage cells.

6.women addicted to drugs;Effects:- babies born with withdrawal symptoms.7. an overdose of any of sensual drugs ;Effects:-respiratory or cardiac failure and