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Wednesday, July 27, 2016




A warm good morning to one and all. Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends,

"If you educate a boy, you train a man. If you educate a girl, you train a village." But are the women of our country India getting enough and good education? Are they enjoying freedom and equality? Are they empowered in all sense? Without thinking much we can say no. I think this is the right time to think about these issues as today is March 8, International Women's Day.

We all may have different dreams about our country India. Me too have a dream about a developed India where all the women enjoy equality, freedom and have greater access to education. As said by the famous economist Christine Lagarde in her speech, women empowerment is directly linked to economic growth of the world. The factors which are necessary for women empowerment are 'Learning, Labour and Leadership'.

Learning or education is the first step up on which any change is built. It helps women to help themselves and to know about their rights, through which they can make changes.

Labour is the second step which helps women to expand and achieve their true ability. But they face a lot of problems at work place, like low wages, low status and low security. One of our most important norms should be "equal pay for equal work".

The third one is leadership which enables women to rise and fulfil their abilities. We have so many examples of empowered women. For example, Mother Teresa, Mary Kom, Madam Curi etc.

Dear friends, let us try to inculcate equality, freedom and education to women of our country. For this, women should be ready to dare the difference. They should step out from their comfort zones. The society has a wrong prejudice about women that, they are the one meant only to the kitchen. We should prove this wrong by educating women, which is the first step of making changes. Education is the key to success. Education is the light to remove darkness thereby removing ignorance.

MALALA YOUSAF ZAI, , is a great example of what education and courage can do with women. . She says that one student, one teacher, one school, one book and a pen can change the whole world. We will realise the importance of light when there is darkness. We will realise the importance of voice when there is silence. We will realise the importance of education when we see guns and weapons'.

Dear friends, now is the time to make changes. Now is the time to take initiative . As students we also can support and work hard for women empowerment. As  citizens of India, it is our responsibility to provide basic facilities of education to our sisters and daughters. Let us work together for a developed India, where women enjoy equality and freedom.

Let me conclude my words. Thank you for your kind attention and have a nice day. Once again thank you.

edited on 21/09/2016-CKR


Alan Louis said...

There are some mistakes in the following sentences:
1.Dear friends, let us try to cultivate
equality, freedom and education to
women of our country.
2.As students we also can
support and work hardly for women
3.As a citizen of India,
it is our responsibility to provide basic fascilities of education to our
sisters and daughters.

1.'Cultivate' can be replaced by 'inculcate.'
2.'Hardly' gives the sentence a completely different meaning. The correct word is 'hard.'
3.'As citizens of India' is the correct usage. The word facilities is misspelt too.


Thank you, Alan for the suggestions.