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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The importance of a lighter approach in life( A brief review of block 5 /12 reader /dhse ) )


The importance of a lighter approach in life( A brief review of block 5 /12 reader /dhse ) )
Sporting a sense of humour can make things easy for us.

The play 'Post Early for Christmas' tells us about taking a lighter approach in life. The lady assistant finds herself in big trouble towards the end of the play but she does not show any fear at all. Instead she makes a loud declaration that she is leaving the job because she dislikes it. It is better to be with animals than with the foolish costumers who turn up at the post office with silly remarks .This is a brave attempt to face the unexpected challenges that life throws out.

The poem "This is going to hurt a little bit" is also an attempt to alleviate the pain felt at a dentist's room with the help of a humorous analysis of the situation.

Again the story " Crime and Punishment " points out how badly a teacher  fails to rise to the occasion when a child persists on making mistakes deliberately. A lighter response would have helped him to avoid the predicament of having to dance to the tunes of a kid. He could have asked a different but simple question (Now ,tell me what is 8 multiplied by 3 ! ; perhaps to suit the answer "24"). Or he could have confessed to the parents about the mistake he had committed .

Life is all about having different perspectives and taking a lighter approach while facing a problem.-

CKR ;;14/1/2017;;

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