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Sunday, August 13, 2017

11 Eng -Improvement Exam JULY 2017 Answers

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

English Edumate for 12 published


 Questions from all chapters of each subject of Std. XII have been developed along with the scoring indicators. Hope that this question bank titled “Edumate’’ will be helpful to learners as well as teachers-SCERT

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Answers to improvement question aug 2017

1.The little bird waited in surpise.( similiar answers.)
2.His mother's trick made him play .( similiar answers.)
3. The mother bird was helping the chick to learn to fly.It is what parents do.they teach us how to face the challnges of life.( similiar answers.)

4. (a).IT can affect our social relations.(b).IIT can result in  a waste of time (c).IT can affect our studies. (d).IT can get us trapped into financial problems.

5.Babu : Shall we go for a picnic ?
   Liju   : I am sorry. We go for a film.If you had informed me , I would not   have  fixed the film. If  we have any change in the programme ,I will call you immediately.

10.The view is superb.It is dark on the earth. But we are stilI in the light, and it is now past ten o'clock. Now, we begin to hear slight country noises, the double cry of the quail in particular, then  the mewing of cats and the barking of dogs. Surely, the dogs have scented the balloon;They have seen it and have given the alarm.

11........will be completed soon