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Monday, November 6, 2017

For what still the sky is crying ? -MISBA FRANCIS

Once.... there's a world ,a world of sadness,
A world of sadness
Everything goes normal
But she's alone right there
Memories... Memories ...Memories
Memories flew away.
May be mind threw it out
Once there was a world.
A world of happiness.
Lovely , o' lovely,
Silly ,o ' silly
He is happy.Always be happy.
Smile.Smile should  be  the arrrow
Positive .. want to be a bow
As like a freezy , free freezy girl ,
She is going on ...
She hates something..
Something.. something.. something ,  some.....
But she doesn't know that the world needs her
And the world loves her..
Love should be the arrow
Heart wants to be a bow..
The earth ... earth is rotating
The sun is rising
Moon ..its smile flows to each one of us..
For each one of us
Yes,it is the time
For the meeting of those  two eyes.
Eyes.. Eyes.. Eyes
It is the secret of the heart.
It shows how much we are in...
He understands that she needs help.
And the help of some one,
He told her ....
Memories  ..memories ...memories  that's something precious
Love your world , Love with your heart

The moon is smiling,
The stars twinkle.
They were waiting for you,only for you.
Soon comes a rain
From somewhere quietly
To refresh this world with happiness and joy

Every one.Every one.Every one.  Taken their umbrellas.
But they two walk in that rain
To love that rain
To feel those drops
He told her
Far or near , You are my dear.
young or old ,you are my gold
East or west you are my best
But still why the sky is weeping
For what still the sky is crying ?

_MISBA FRANCIS,11 BATCH ,Dr.AGHSS KODOTH( 14015 ) , Kasargod

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