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This one sentence can make any class attentive.what if you have a stock of interesting tales to make the class think, enjoy and react in English!

This page is a collection of stories which I have found useful in many classes to teach  English and to develop the discussion of various textual topics.Similiar stories or descriptions ( which can be used for at least five minutes to create discussions in English) are solicited from teachers/students  so that the experience can be recreated in many classrooms.

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Story- 1

The teacher may begin like this.

A birthday party was going on. It was at the Mayors' house.His daughter is 21 that day . Pretty with long dark hair, large eyes and a smart outlook. All the youth in the town had reached her house that day.Soon after the lunch, they were lingering in the large garden.Beautiful flowers.Low music flowing in from the background.Groups of young men and women assembled here and there and started chatting.There was a splash in the pond in the middle.Every one ran to the shore and saw the large notice boards." Do not step into the water. Beware of crocodiles."It was a large pond.Blue water welcomed you.But here and there, if you look carefully you can see the ugly heads of alligators.No one wanted to be in trouble.But then the Mayor came to the garden and made a surprise announcement."Well, young men, if any one of you dare to swim across the pond and reach me in the yard, two gifts await him.One-half of my property, the second one -my dear daughter.She will marry him."

The youngmen were stunned.They wanted the gifts.But there were ugly, brutal beasts in water. The young men crowded near the pond and went on murmuring,  thinking and planning.No one dared to step in.In silence, they stood meditating.Calculating  the risks.and ..Then forward came a young fellow.Off he went down into the pond.Fast he swam across thss the pond, reached near the Mayor who was sitting on the couch in the yard.The whole crowd has struggled to reach near the Mayor.To all of them and looking at the face of the Mayor, the young man blurted out that question.

( Take a pause here.Ask the students, can you guess the question- the young man would have asked.

The students will come out with interesting remarks. Wait for different answers.Make them present the questions in English.
Accept each answer but discuss why they thought that this would be the question.Now you can see the students coming out with interesting remarks in English !)

Finally come to the end of the story.

Announce what the young man had asked.( Who pushed me in  ? )

Explain the logic also.( In the story we don't mention that the young man willingly jumped into the water.He too might have been timid like all the others.But some one pushed him from behind and that's why we describe as off he went down into... )

Now you can enter into a discussion about facing the challenges of life./ taking initiative / the relevance of a mentor / this is what teachers try to do /.....

( The story is based on an article published in the Readers' Digest )

Related topics- 
mentors / teachers /career guidance / facing the challenge of life  /making questions / explaining / telling stories

Pls send the tales you use in your classrooms to open a discussion at my email address :

I asked God to keep all "my friends and Family be happy all the time."

☺ God said: OK, but only for 4 days! Now you select that 4 days!

😊  I said "OK"
🌞" summer day "
❄ "winter day "
☔ " rainy day " and
🌺 " spring day "
😯 God got confused and said, no  you can select only 3 days.

😊  I said "OK"
❌ " yesterday "
✅ " today " 
❓ " tommorow "
😯 God got confused and said,  NO, you can select only 2 days,

😊  I said "OK"
💖 " current day AND
❓ " the next day "
😯God again got confused and said, NO you can select only☝one day!!
😊 " I said "OK"
🌞" everyday "
😀😀God started laughing and said 🆒🙏 all your friends and family will be happy at all times".

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