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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

cause of or cause for

1 [countable] a person, event, or thing that makes something happen [↪ effect]
cause of
Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for American women in their forties.
establish/investigate/discover etc the cause
It's our job to establish the cause of the fire.
root/underlying etc cause
The cost of the project was enormous, but it was not the fundamental cause of its failure.
cause and effect (=the idea that one thing directly causes another)
die of/from natural causes (=because of old age or an illness, not an accident, murder etc)
2 [uncountable] a fact that makes it right or reasonable for you to feel or behave in a particular way [= reason]
cause for
The patient's condition is giving cause for concern.
The present political climate gives little cause for optimism.

So what do you think about this question in  the question paper for plus two ( DHSE , Kerala) this year ?