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Monday, August 31, 2015

Horegallu - group activity-more questions

Horegallu-ACTIVITY 2

Comprehension Exercises-Groupwork

Write a paragraph each on the following topics

1. Describe the picture on page 26 of the text.

hints given

2. Write a short note on the writer's grand father.

hints given

3. Make a study of the character ,Ratna.


4. Write short note on the social service highlighted in the story.


5. The qualities of a good listener.


6. The importance of Horegallus in our life.


Sunday, August 30, 2015


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2.duniya_main_hum_aaye-_mother_india.mp4 (AVAILABLE ON THE NET)
3.From_Mother_India_to_Mary_Kom_Women_in_Bollywood_Film_Companion.mp4(AVAILABLE ON THE NET)
4.Nargis_with_her_two_sons_-_Mother_India.mp4(AVAILABLE ON THE NET)
5.Will_Jack_and_Jessica_have_the_same_career_opportunities.mp4(AVAILABLE ON THE NET)


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Monday, August 3, 2015


Irfan Alam, an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur is a man with a difference. He has deviated from the usual path of corporate business mentality to a socially responsible entrepreneurship. During his teenage years, he started Stock Trade Analysis and won a famous reality show, “Business Baazigar”in which he contested with a business proposal. The main idea behind the proposal was to organize the rickshaw sector and make it a profitable venture. He suggested on redesigning rickshaws and equipping it with music, newspapers, first aid kits, refreshments and advertisements. It created a revolution in the rickshaw sector. He was invited for the Presidential Entrepreneurship summit 2010 and Obama complimented him with the words as “you are doing a tougher job than me”.
The real journey to his success began with water. When he was seventeen years old, he hired a rickshaw on a summer afternoon. He was thirsty. He asked the rickshaw puller whether he would provide him water. He answered him that there was no such provision because he did not have money to buy and stack them. That moment made him to think about the plight of the rickshaw pullers. Thus in 2007,Samman was formed to organize and empower the rickshaw pulling industry under one shade and thereby improving their livelihood. It started with “no funds “but an “innovative “and “special thrill” for its members. The word Samman means respect or dignity to all. Alam strongly believed to bring the marginalized to the mainstream. The first aim was to change the concept of “rent” rickshaws to “own” rickshaws. They were given training on basic etiquette and traffic rules. They were also given insurances, id cards and uniforms. The money earned through advertisements and other amenities was divided between the rickshaw pullers and the Samman. It gave them a sense of belonging and empowerment.
The social venture thus became a social cause. Children of the operators and their spouses attended free evening classes called Samman Gyan. Innovative ideas like solar powered fibre glass rickshaws are a new attempt at present. The environmental friendly mode of transport has given a new identity and self esteem to the underprivileged. Some people enjoy success individually.There are people who are able to make others taste the fruits of their triumphs. Here Alam stands unique as a saviour for the downtrodden.

-We are proud to present the article by  REHNA MOL.R ,one of our colleagues.This is what is expected from all the other teachers.

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MENDING WALL-notes by Smitha K ,Thrissur

* BEGINNING OF THE POEM : The poem has an abrupt and dramatic beginning which has a conversational tone. Generally to say about the poem it mixes up the thoughts which are narrow worldly and selfish with the thoughts of wisdom and philosophy which are broad universal and selfless.
* COMMENT ON 'HUNTERS' : “The work of hunters is another thing”
The poet is addressing the little children chasing some animals like rabbit along with their dogs. The poet here uses no past tense which means it is a usual activity of the poet to keep away the mischievous children from destroying the wall/fence/boundary.
* READING THE LINES ''WALLING IN .......WALLING OUT" (What I was walling in or walling out) AND THE IDEA OF 'OFFENSE' IN THE POEM 'MENDING WALL' : Before the wall was built, the poet used to locate the objects geographically around as his and as not his with his neighbour's generosity. Both showed equal respect and concern. But the wall built makes an offense questioning that purity of love, respect, and relation existing between the poet and his neighbour. Another offense it makes is to the openness/limitlessness of this world.
* ABOUT THE ENDING : (he says again, 'Good fences make good neighbours') The poet towards the end of the poem, says that he has failed to convince his neighbour of the need of destruction of the wall between them. The neighbour stubbornly sticks to the old saying " good fences make good neighbours". At this the poet feels that his neighbour is equal to an uncivilised man of the stone age. The poet gets this image of 'an old-stone savage armed' seeing his neighbour walking with a stone in his hand.
* SIGNIFICANCE OF THE WORD "DARKNESS" IN THE POEM : The word "darkness" is suggestive of pain, sadness, bad experiences, night, all the negativity, senselessness and an age marked by ignorance. Here the word indicates the negativity in human relations based on certain conditions as well as man's (neighbour's) ignorance.
* COMMENT ON "SOMETHING" : The word "something" comes twice in the poem 'Mending Wall'. The poet attaches too much importance to the word "something". From the beginning itself he connects a mysterious air to it. But it is in the materialistic/worldly/physical sense he is doing so at first. For instance the "something"may mean the heat of sunlight , the cold winter(climactic changes), the mischief of little children, their dog etc. But later a digression comes in. Thus "something" comprises meanings related to the non-physical; spiritual world. For example, it means 'the elves'; the mischief of some mysterious, invisible powers working to destroy the wall/fence.
* COMMENT ON THE TITLE 'MENDING WALL' : The title of the poem revolves around the major activity of 'mending' a wall by the poet and his neighbour. But on a deeper level of understanding, the title may bring more meanings. Firstly 'mending' can be taken as a verb thus suggesting an action of repairing the wall. Secondly 'mending' can be taken as an adjective where we get the idea that it is the wall' that mends and not the poet or any neighbour. 'The wall' repairs the relation between human beings. The poet's importance is felt by his neighbour and the neighbour's importance is felt by the poet only in the presence of 'the wall'. The wall makes individuals indispensable from each other.
There is silent relation between two persons;two groups;two countries if there is a wall /fence/border. Even if there is enmity between two neighbours it is the wall that makes them neighbours. No distant friend can demand that place. The wall has thus immense importance in the poem. It connects and separates simultaneously.
Another related theme is the incessant tasks in life. The activity of mending the wall as well as the wall's destruction does not end. The poet and the neighbour need to mend it during every spring time. The action connects to the Greek Sisyphean task of pushing boulders up a hill, only to roll it down again. Similar version is found in the myth of “Naranathu Bhranthan” in connection with the locally spread and oft-told tale “Parayil Petta Panthirukulam” in Kerala, Valluvanadu region.
The purpose and purposelessness; connection and separation; time and timelessness, plays and pauses are well delineated in the action of 'mending'. The title is highly wise, philosophical, and too pregnant with meanings.

Prepared by Smitha K, ghss kattoor, Thrissur

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