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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

A critical appreciation of THIS IS GOING TO HURT A LITTLE BIT

"This is Going to Hurt a Little Bit"  by Ogden Nash is ironical and humorous.Sitting in a dentist's chair is indeed an unpleasant experience.It is hard ,annoying,shameful embarassing and frightening to keep your mouth wide open with your jaws digging deep into your chest and to let the dentist work up on your mouth with awful tools like the drill and the crowbar.It is terrible to imagine what would  happen if the dentist moving like a bear gets the teeth mixed up as he is using a mirror.After the job is over, we think it is all over for once.Then the dentist advises us to come back after three monce !The vicious circle of visits will go on .There is no escape for a human being from this dental torture.This graphic presentation in free verse contributes to the energy and lively spirit of  the poem.

The poem with rhyme amd rhythm has got a  simple and lucid language.Humour is cooked up with the right blend of irony,exaggeration,simile and puns.The very title of the poem is ironical.It reveals the importance of the way we percieve life. To a dentist ,it is a simple task.To the patient is can be a terrible experience.The peom analyses the embarassment and fear we feel with the help of exaggerations like  "The mouth is like a section of road which is being worked on".The puns like 'hope hopen' and 'three monce' make the poem alive with comedy .These devices add to the ironical and humorous tone of the poem.The poem  is an attempt to change an unpleasant experience into an acceptable predicament.Perceptions can change life.

Ogden Nash is trying to tell us that humour is the salt of life.A pinch of it can change the way we see things.Life can be beautiful if we take a lighter approach to wards it.Without laughter , life would be a sad place.As SofIa Burger stresses in her poem 'Laughter'

It is important the we move forward in life with a different perspective .

Never laughing at someone,
Only sharing together the humor of moments.

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