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Monday, March 27, 2017

11 12 Question Papers MARCH 2017 and the Answers



Objective Type Answers :

1.Shaheen Mistri is the narrator.

2. The author means polished by the word 'manicured'-

3.The teacher was obliged to begin the story .....of   a bison and a tiger and then he passed on to '' Ali Baba and Forty Thieves'' and “Aladdins Lamp” .The boy listened and ordered.'' I want to hear the story of the bison again. It is good.”The teacher was short ...of..... breath.

4.The purpose of this letter is to provide a character reference to Mr. Ram whom I have known as a colleague and a friend for a period of five years. I believe I am in a position  to provide you with a pretty accurate assessment of his character.

 As an employee,he has been very hard working and highly committed to his job. He has also been very outgoing and always willing to help others. I would conclude saying that Mr.Ram is a fine,well balanced person with an abundance of  ( with abundant )positive qualities.

5. The three Ls referred to are Learning , Labour  and Leadership.

6.Impediment means :    hindrance, obstruction, obstacle, barrier, bar, handicap, block, check, curb, brake, restraint, restriction, limitation, encumbrance, deterrent; problems , issues

10.After Marshal left , Baldwin took out his diary and wrote as follows.
God ! What a turn of events ! I never thought that my own wife and children would persuade me to do a dishounourable thing. I was almost pushed into accepting the bribe .Thank God ,  Marshall came  as a pleasant surprise,though.I  feel  pity for poor Gresham. May god bless him

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