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 A project on using technology to generate BETTER langauge from slow learners by CKR-REPORT

I have used this package for revising this lessons of 12 English this year especially with slow learners from 16/2/2017 to 23/2/2017.The package contains pdf  files ,power point presentations,videos (links given ) with fill up games,multiple choice activities and so on.This was used to generate better language among slow learners continuously for 5 days - 2 hours daily.

The change in the response of the learners was dramatic.For the first time this year ,I was able to remark ' good ' in many of the notebooks of the slow learners.The first 30 minutes were spent for a fast review (oral / written / sometimes both ) of earlier sessions; The next 60 minutes for revising a new block and the final 30 minutes for a write up based on one of the revised lessons.I hope teachers and students will find this package useful.

I have spent 4 to 5 hrs for each ppt prepared and that means 25 hours this week  for this package.Some of the materials might need modification and correction as they were prepared in haste.

Please go through these materials and comment.

I am thinking about  bringing out a CD based on this package which will help the teacher to have the required text files,videos and ppts at hand without depending on on line  resources every time.When our class rooms go high tech ,this might be a useful tool for the  teacher.

Those who have noticed useful short videos / ppts may send them or the links to this mail address

-- CKR
Note : First use the pdf files to discuss a summary of the whole text .Then use the chapterwise ppts for a detailed revision.

A summary of the whole text  : paragraphs   2/3 sentences each  single line

CHAPTER 1    link to pdf

CHAPTER 2  link to pdf

CHAPTER 3    link to pdf

CHAPTER 4    link to pdf

CHAPTER 5    link to pdf





Please write your comments after perusing these files .

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