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Sunday, June 14, 2015

12/UNIT1/LESSON 1/SPEECH-Education is the Key to Women Empowerment

 A speech on Education is the Key to Women Empowerment.(REF-PAGE 12,TEXT) 
Dear friends,

If you educate a boy, you  train a man. If you educate  a girl, you  train a village.
This ADAGE tells us a serious truth.
Education of women  is really pivotal. Then you will ask me ,”But…Aren’t girls getting education in  India ?”
Yes.Most of them have a chance to step into the primary schools. Then many of them are forced to discontinue learning  or disappear forever. The plight of the medical student Nirbhaya in Delhi speaks nothing else.
It is a mindboggling fact  that even in this modern era, women in India  face a lot of challenges.
We have heard a lot about the Nirbhaya documentary. No one would forget the sufferings of Jyoti Singh in Delhi. What caused the miseries of that poor girl ?
The documentary –they say-points out that  she was punished for venturing outside the house at night !
A woman should not behave like this !She should not have done like that !
Dear friends, This is the mindset  of the  majority of Indians.
We don’t have a concept of equality for women .The women in India are treated like lesser human beings. The women in India are marginalized, sidelined, humiliated, and shunned away from public spheres.
They are not given any top jobs.
You may speak about Kiran Bedi.
but how many Kiran bedis, do we have in india ? Not many.
How many women get recognition like Smitha Patil ? Only a few.
How many of them get elevated to the ranks of Indira Gandhi ?  Still only a few.
And why do women lag behind ? Why do women get killed even before coming out of their mother’s womb ? Even the parents are prejudiced against them.
Dear friends, if you have a vision that our  India must shine as  a great Nation,you have an uphill task here.
Come down to the ground realities.
Most women in India do not have access to higher education.
Most women in India can not claim equal  rights to their ancestral property.
Most women in India do not have any role in decision making. Not in their state.Not in their village.Not in their family.
Most women in India are not paid well though they are made to toil for hours like slaves.
Is this good for the development of our Nation ? No.
When women are not paid well,50 percent of Indians are not paid well.That will affect our ecomomy.
When women are disrespected,humiliated or exploited, a major chunk  of Indians are disrespected ,humiliated or exploited .That will affect our pride and unity.
That’s why we speak about supporting women. Empowering women. That is what we need now. For women empowerment, there are three requisites according to Christine Lagarde-learning,labour and leadership.
.Yes.The chairperson of the IMF  is right.
Education is the first and the foremost factor of women empowerment. If a girl is educated, she will have confidence. She will have employable skills.
Community groups like Kudmubasrees will enhance their financial status. Entrepreneurship will lead them to power.
Employment will make her stronger and daring to take up new challenges in the workplace. 
She can leave her comfort zone now and fly high like a bird.
They –I mean, the educated women-will become team leaders with the right mindset and making the right decisions at the right time.
Education can change the mindset.
This is what our country needs now. The right mindset. Compassion for the weaker section. Ensuring equality for men and women.  Strengthening  women empowerment.
This change will make India a heaven of freedom , equality and growth as great poets like Tagore had envisioned.
Education for women-qualty education for all women- is the key to WOMEN EMPOWERMENT .
 As Malala Yousafzai ,the Nobel prize winner for Peace this year says,
One pen ,one book and  one teacher can change the world…of women.
Thank you.

-prepared by Radhakrishnan.C.K,GHSS KAMBALLUR


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